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  • Product Status: White Powder
  • Specification: 0-1mm 1-3mm 3-5mm 5-8mm 325#
  • Apparent Gravity: 3.5g/cm3 min
  • Apparent Porosity: 5.0% max
  • Water Absorption: 1.5% max
  •  Al2O3: 99.2 min
  • Na2O : 0.40 max
  • Fe2O3: 0.10 max
  • Fe2O3: 0.10 max
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    Tabular corundum (4)

    Sintered Tabular Alumina Description


    Tabular corundum, also known as sintered tabular alumina, is a high-purity form of alumina (Al2O3) that is specifically processed to have a unique tabular, or flat, shape. It is produced by sintering (heating without melting) high-grade alumina powder at temperatures above 1900°C, causing the alumina particles to grow and form large, flat, plate-like crystals.


    Tabular corundum offers several advantages in various industrial applications due to its distinctive properties: High Purity, Excellent Thermal Stability, High Mechanical Strength, Low Porosity, Dimensional Stability, etc.

    Overall, tabular corundum, or sintered tabular alumina, is highly valued for its purity, thermal stability, mechanical strength, and low porosity, making it a versatile material in various industrial applications, particularly in refractories and ceramics.

    Sintered Tabular Alumina Specification


    Zhengzhou Xinli Wear-resistant Materials Co. Ltd.
      Tabular corundum/Sintered Tabular Alumina
    Section sand
      0-1mm 1-3mm 3-5mm 5-8mm 325#, 200#-0; 100#-0
    Refractory, castable, blasting, grinding, lapping , surface treatment, polishing
    25 kg/plastic bag 1000 kg/plastic bag at buyer's option
    Blocks, Grits, Powder
    Payment Term
    T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, etc.
    Delivery Method
    By Sea/Air/Express
    Tabular corundum (1)
    TA Application
    Tabular corundum (8)
    Tabular corundum Specification
     Item  Standard  Test
     Apparent Gravity  3.5g/cm3 min  3.56g/cm3
     Apparent Porosity  5.0% max  3.5%
     Water Absorption  1.5% max  1.1%
    Chemical Composition
     Item  Standard %  Test %
     Al2O3  99.2 min  99.4%
     Na2O   0.40 max  0.29%
     Fe2O3  0.10 max  0.02%
     CaO      0.10 max  0.02%
     SiO2     0.15 max  0.03%
    Usage: Tabular corundum is widely used in high-performance refractory materials in the fields of steel, casting, petrochemicals, breathable bricks, ladle linings, castables, prefabricated parts, ceramics and other fields. It is an excellent synthetic refractory raw material. Tabular corundum is used as Refractory aggregate can be used in combination with spinel, calcined activated alumina and binding agents such as cement, clay or resin. The prepared high-purity corundum bricks have low impurity content (such as SiO2), high bulk density and good thermodynamic properties, making corundum bricks Bricks are resistant to thermal, chemical and structural damage caused by the operation of gasifiers and other industrial furnaces.
    Advantageshigh refractoriness; high corrosion resistance; high erosion resistance; high thermal shock resistance; high strength, good toughness; stable chemical properties; resistance to alkaline slag erosion, good resistance to slag erosion, and good resistance to molten iron erosion ; Resistant to erosion by molten steel and good air permeability.


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  • Tabular Alumina Key Applications 

    1. Refractories
    2. Foundry and Investment Casting
    3. Ceramics Manufacturing
    4. Abrasives and Polishing
    5. Catalyst Supports
    6. Insulation Materials
    7. Electronics and Semiconductor IndustryTA Application

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