Brown corundum also known as adamantine, is a tan man-made corundum

Post time: Jun-25-2024

  Brown corundum, also known as adamantine, is a tan man-made corundum, mainly composed of AL2O3, with small amounts of Fe, Si, Ti and other elements. It is prepared from raw materials including bauxite, carbon material and iron filings, which are reduced by melting in an electric arc furnace. Brown corundum is widely used in a number of fields due to its excellent grinding properties, wide range of applications and relatively low price.

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The main uses of brown corundum include:

Abrasive industry: It is used to make grinding tools such as abrasives, grinding wheels, sandpaper, sanding tiles, etc. It is suitable for cutting, grinding and polishing of metal and non-metal materials.

Refractory materials: as the raw material of refractory materials, it is used in the manufacture of high-temperature kiln, casting refractory materials, casting sand and so on.

Foundry materials: used to make moulding sand and binder to support the foundry industry.

Metallurgical Furnace Materials: Used as a co-solvent for steel making, for removing impurities from metal surfaces and improving metal properties.
Other fields: It is also used in the chemical, glass and ceramic industries as an auxiliary material in the production process.

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The properties of brown corundum include high efficiency, low loss, low dust and high quality of surface treatment, making it an ideal material for sand blasting and widely used in aluminium profiles, copper profiles, glass, washed denim, precision moulds and other fields. In addition, brown corundum can also be used as wear-resistant material for highway pavement, aircraft runways, abrasion-resistant rubber, industrial flooring and other fields, as well as as a medium for filtration to deal with chemicals, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, water and so on.


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